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How do I need to prepare for my exterior painting project?

When do I need to tell you what colors to paint? (Not applicable if colors are being matched)

  • To avoid supply-chain availability issues and have everything in place for your project, we order paint between one and two weeks ahead of the scheduled start date.

To-do: Please choose and share your desired paint colors at least one week in advance. 

Note: We’ll always work with you when possible, but do reserve the right to reschedule your project and/or apply a $100 rush charge on any color choices submitted/modified within one week of the start of your project. If paint has already been purchased based on your selections but you later change your mind on the color, we will charge you for the additional paint at-cost.


How do I need to prepare my home for the work?

  • We need full access to your exterior to ensure the safety of our team and a quality finish on your project. Four feet between all foliage and the side of your home is ideal and will also ensure no rubbing branches damage your newly refinished surfaces in the future.
  • Proper clearance can be accomplished by trimming or tying back any branches close to the home. We are happy to handle tying flexible branches out of the way, but it is the responsibility of the property owner to trim trees or bushes as needed to ensure that the needed access will be possible.
  • To-do: Prior to project start, ensure clear access by making sure that no branches, patio furniture, wood piles, pet waste, or any other obstacles are within 4’ of the perimeter of your home. Let us know if you have questions or concerns.
  • To-do: If you have small or treasured plants around the perimeter that could be easily damaged, please cover or mark them and point them out at the beginning of your project. Even if you don’t specifically mention anything, we will still make every reasonable effort to work carefully around your gardens and foliage.

Note: If proper access is not provided, Culver’s Painting will seek home-owner approval to perform the required trimming or access-gaining work billed at $190/hr. If it is beyond the capabilities of our crew, we may delay your project to our next available schedule slot once trimming/access is provided by the homeowner.

My project includes a power wash. What should I expect?

  • If your quote included a power wash, this is the first step of the project. We’ll send a small crew of one or two people to complete this work far enough in advance of the painting project that your home has time to dry completely before we begin painting.
  • In order to power wash, we only need access to an exterior water source, such as a spigot. It is not necessary for anyone to be at home during the power wash.
  • This power-wash crew is not necessarily the same crew that will complete your painting work, so if you have specific questions or instructions regarding your project, please contact our office or bring those up with our painting crew lead at the beginning of the painting portion of the project.
  • The power-wash is meant to remove dust and buildup from the home, and sometimes only a gentle wash is used to avoid damaging wood or other delicate surfaces. For dirty or flaked areas that remain after the power-wash, we will also hand-scrub, scrape and sand before applying the new finish.

What if I need some carpentry work done?

  • We try to anticipate carpentry needs and discuss them at the quoting stage whenever possible. However, it’s sometimes only possible to see where wood is soft or damaged once the refinishing process begins.
  • If we discover during the initial walkthrough or painting process that carpentry is needed, we are able to handle most carpentry issues in-house. We’ll always discuss the need with the homeowner prior to completing the work, which is billed at $95/hr plus the cost of materials.

What can I expect at the beginning of the project?

  • We begin every project with a home owner and paint crew talk-through to verify scope, colors and details. Unless arranged in advance, we ask that you are physically present at the project start so we can ensure success.
  • Most days, we begin at 7:30am. We’ll confirm an exact start date and time with you in advance.

What if there’s bad weather?

  • Our team has a constant eye on the weather and seeks to communicate as quickly as possible with the homeowner regarding any schedule changes that may result.
  • Depending on the project stage, some work can still be done when rain is threatening. We plan the activities of the day with this in mind, factoring dry-times, paint products used, etc.





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