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Trusted by our community for nearly fifteen years.


Culver’s Painting was founded by Josh Culver in 2009 with the focus of always putting the client’s best interest first. 

Strong morals, unwavering commitment to quality, and a work-ethic to match laid a strong foundation for Culver’s Painting—one that we continue to build on today. 

our founder


We were founded on the idea that there can be a better kind of painting company than what we saw around us. “Professional painter” shouldn’t be an oxymoron.

By placing our customer’s best interests at the center and building a company that prioritizes communication, integrity, and quality, we quickly became a homeowner favorite. Thousands of completed projects later, we look back and see that our growth was largely through word of mouth and positive reviews. We’re so grateful to you, our community for allowing us to serve you!

Since 2009 the team has continued to expand. Elliot Lund took ownership of Culver’s Painting in 2021 and continues to work closely with Josh in shaping its future. In November of 2021, Jake Deshotels joined the team as Operations Manager, enabling an even greater level of excellence in the service we offer our clients.

“We know that everything we do either builds trust or breaks it down. That’s why, from your first interaction with us, we strive to exceed your expectations of what it’s like to work with contractors.” 

Elliot Lund, Owner

When we get together for company meetings, the topic of conversation is how to make your life easier and give you the best product for your money. We’re a bit obsessed. 

But don’t take our word for it… Read our reviews, and book a free estimate so we can show you the Culver’s Painting difference.



Culver’s Painting is provides cabinet refinishing, exterior, and interior painting services. 

Our proven cabinet refinishing process keeps your time without a functional kitchen to a minimum while delivering a factory-grade sprayed finish to all surfaces. 

Our interior painting experience is extensive, extending to wallpaper removal, minor drywall repair, trim, ceiling and wall painting. Our teams carefully protect your furniture and fixtures, and work with professionalism and friendliness as they quickly navigate the project around your family, pets, or any other obstacle and get the job done right!

Exterior painting projects can carry unique challenges, from heights and uneven terrain, to weather damage and carpentry needs. Our teams have the experience to work quickly and give you a great finished result.




One of the biggest concerns many homeowners is that they’re not sure how to select the right colors for their project.

Your peace-of-mind is a priority for us, so we offer our customers free, in-person color consultations with professional designers, right at your home.

Whether you want to nail a current trend, or settle for a timeless look, we can help you consider all the options and go in 100% confident in your decision.


Although rarely used, we provide a 3-year warranty on our paint and stain jobs

We always stand behind our completed work with pride and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you notice any issues, just call.


It’s important to make sure that the painters you hire carry full insurance and are prepared for any situation.

Culver’s Painting carries $1 Million liability insurance, full workers comp, and will happily provide proofs of insurance to our customers on request



Treating others with respect and dignity regardless of their response.


“Every project worth doing, is worth doing well”


Honest, authentic, and clear—the only we know how to do business.

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