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Exterior Commercial Painting

Milwaukee Commercial Exterior Painting

The exterior of your business is how you make your first impression on your customers. That old, drab paint color may not look dated when you see it day-after-day as the business owner, but your customers or potential customers are impacted by everything you do (or don’t do) as a business owner. The first thing they’ll notice when they drive by is the exterior of the building, right? That is why every business should have a fresh coat of paint every few years. The impact on your customers goes beyond the satisfaction they will experience from driving by. Are you ready to stand out from the competition? People tend to shy away from businesses with aged outer appearances. It leads them to wonder how well kept the interior of the establishment is. There is a simple fix! Commercial painting by Culver’s Painting!   We have experience in painting all types of commercial exterior buildings, including: brick, steel, concreate, cedar and aluminum.  Improve the exterior appearance of your retail store, office or manufacturing building today.


Furthermore, we have experience painting loading docks, bollards, hyrdrants and other safety related items which is especially important in warehouse and manufacturing facilities.  Let your expert commercials crews handle your next project efficiently & professionally.

Here are some recently completed exterior commercial projects:

U-Spray: 4907 N 124th St, Butler, WI 53007

This job we sprayed all of the aluminum and brick siding on the exterior of the commercial building.  This facelift was needed and the building looked brand new after our completion.

Hentzen Coatings: 6937 W Mill Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53218

This factory had 4 separate large buildings that we painted multiple different surfaces on. We professionally painted metal doors & trim, brick and aluminum siding, metal safety bollards, rails and and hyrdants.  Our 10-man crew finished this job quickly with little interference to the business operations.

We are happy to share Commercial Painting references upon request!

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Milwaukee Exterior Commercial Painters

The color paint you choose for your Milwaukee commercial paint work may have to be an exact match to the current color. It just needs to be freshened up a bit. Luckily, Culver’s Painting uses the high-quality paints of Sherwin Williams. By using Sherwin Williams brand, our customers can choose from hundreds of paint colors. In addition, we can color match for our customers. Whether you want a whole new look or simply want to renew the color you have used for years, Culver’s Painting can help you with your objectives. We come out for a personalized color consultation to ensure you get the color that will best fit your needs.





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Culver’s Painting wants to help your business prosper by making it visually pleasing to your customers. The more customers attracted to your exterior, the more business you bring to the interior. Call us today for a free color consultation and free estimate.

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