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Professional Painter Consultation

Perhaps you have been looking throughout your home or office and thinking you need a change. What is the easiest way to make the biggest impact on your decor? New paint color on the walls! Culver’s Painting knows where you are coming from. Hence, our professional painter will work with you to ensure you find the perfect match for your desired look. We conduct as many test patches as needed to make sure of this.

Process of Selecting a New Color:

  • We give our client a color wheel so they have an idea of all there is to choose from.
  • The client picks out 2 or 3 colors they like
  • Client calls Culver’s Painting with their selections
  • Culver’s Painting calls and orders paint samples
  • Culver’s Painting prepares test patches to areas being painted
  • Client evaluates the test patches, then has the option to select new colors if the original selections are not suitable.
  • We begin our work after the client is 100% satisfied with the color.

Matching an Existing Color:

  • Culver’s Painting will handle the entire process.
  • Our professional painter team will use an old gallon of paint the client has, a paint chip, or test patches to obtain the match.
  • We will make sure the client approves before proceeding with the desired color.
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Do not become tolerant with faded, old, or boring colors. Sprucing up your home with your favorite or desired colors will not only give your home the look you’ve always wanted, but it will help improve your mood! Let your personal style shine with the color of your choice; then experience peace, comfort, and happiness for you and your family. To provide a bit of guidance, we have written an article that may help you with the direction of your paint color. However, our experts are more than happy to discuss all your options with you and answer any questions you may have. Contact Culver’s Painting today for a consultation today!

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