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Three Year Limited Warranty

Culver’s Painting, LLC (Culver’s Painting) limited warranty protects clients from inadequate/improper preparation or allocation that may result in peeling or blistering of the paint. 

This warranty period begins on the completion date of the original work, and expires in 36 months. 


  • Payment of contract price in full. 

  • Contact Culver’s Painting within the 36 month time frame. 


  • Only areas where paint is failing (blistering or peeling) will repairs be conducted. An exact color match cannot be guaranteed, as the paint will have likely faded slightly. 
  • All repairs will be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. If the repair requires exterior work, it will be completed during that year’s exterior season as long as the claim is filed prior to July 1st. All claims filed after July 1st will be completed between May 1st and July 1st of the following year. 
  • Culver’s Painting will provide all necessary labor and equipment to complete warranty claims. The client will be responsible for the cost of the paint. 


  • Any and all alterations performed by the client after Culver’s Painting has completed the job. 
  • Paint failures where client provided paint applied by Culver’s Painting. 
  • Any paint failures caused by interior moisture damage. The most common areas to find interior moisture damage include the exterior of bathrooms, kitchens, or areas with high moisture levels and poor ventilation. 
  • Any fine cracking in old layers of paint, known as alligatoring. This is commonly found among older homes. 
  • Any failure due to manufacturing defect in the substrate, which inhibits the paint from adhering properly to the substrate. 
  • Varnished surfaces. 
  • Galvanized metal surfaces. 
  • Fading, chalking, and discoloration. 
  • Appearance of mildew, mold, or other environmental conditions. 
  • Bleeding knot holes and cedar bleeds. 
  • Horizontal surfaces which includes, but is not limited to, decks, railings, stairs, porches, and roofs.

This limited warranty is the only express warranty made by Culver’s Painting, LLC and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. This warranty is applicable only to painting service provided to the original purchaser who is identified on the front cover of this contract. Culver’s Painting shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from materials, workmanship, or breach of this warranty, nor shall Culver’s Painting be liable for any damages in excess of the original contract price. At no time may this warranty be altered or extended for any purpose. 


Contact Culver’s Painting at 262-724-6837 or email service@culverspainting.com prior to July 1st to have repairs completed in the same season.