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Increasing Office Productivity with Wall Color

Have you seen wall colors lately?

colorful office wallsColor is everywhere, and a part of everything. Much like nature around us, color just is. And sometimes it impacts us in ways that we don’t even realize! Color can inspire, make us feel more upbeat, or create feelings of gloom. A lot of that color is in the wall color around us.

If your office wall color is a dull gray, the color of concrete and cubicles, it may be time to consider an office makeover.

The Research Behind the Psychology of Color

Researcher Nancy Kwallek, Ph.D. of Texas University led the study that found offices in shades of gray, beige and white induced more feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women. Men reported more feelings of gloom in purple and orange work spaces. Similar studies have shown that colors don’t just affect the mood, but they can also profoundly impact productivity. If you’re considering an office remodel or a fresh coat of paint, consider colors that will inspire creativity and increase performance.

In an article titled, Psychology of Colors in the Workplace , Jeff Fermin explains that color is used as a part of the overall brand strategy for many companies who use marketing materials to influence customers. The article states, “It explains ‘why Facebook is blue’ and why particular sites opt to choose certain colors in designing their website. If you have the ability (and resources) to create a fresh atmosphere, pick colors that go with your employees.”

How Wall Color Choice Can Impact your Workspace

Blue: Google lists Blue as the most productive wall color. In addition to its calming effects, different shades of blue like aqua and teal also promote a sense of trust. They work well in detail oriented places like accounting and law firms.

Green: Much like blue, green is known for its calming effect. It is also synonymous with Mother Nature, so it also indicates freshness, growth, and balance. Green promotes creative thinking, so it is a great color in environments where brainstorming sessions occur. Consider using green paint for the walls in rooms where money is changing hands, because green is balanced, calming, and reassuring. For example, a “closing room,” or at the checkout are great places for the color green to be prevalent.
You should consider avoiding green if you are trying to motivate sales people. Green can also feel stagnant and inert. This has a negative impact on a motivated, action-now personality or salesperson who would be more inclined to like red.

Red: While red can be associated with rage, it also indicates passion, excitement, and heart-racing emotions. It provides an excellent backdrop certain work environments. In a workplace involving physical activities like fitness or with workers that need energy for physical activity, red can be very inspiring.

Yellow: It’s natural that the wall color yellow evokes liveliness and optimism. Mellow yellow is best for creative work environments where artists, writers and designers work, as it inspires creativity.

Your Next Commercial Painting Project

Color therapy works well when combined with contrasting or complementary colors. Think about keeping one color as the focus; opt for accents with bright colors like orange or lime green. One idea is to provide colors for teams based on their type of work.
When deciding on wall color consider the ages, cultural background, and type of work environment. For example, if your Wisconsin-based company is comprised of a lot of sports fans, you might use Greens & Yellows or Badger Red.

No matter what size work space you have, consider an experienced commercial painting company with a good reputation. At Culvers Painting, we have a strong commercial painting background. We can help advise you on your options to achieve the best end-result. When you’re ready to increase productivity and evaluate your commercial painting project, give us a call!





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